Program Management

Why Choose Forum

Engineering-Based Company

Forum Plastics is first and foremost an engineering-based company, our customer focused approach provides you with quick response times through a single point of contact, our engineers and project managers work directly with our customers providing services and support through all phases of your project – from concept, planning, and design for manufacturing (DFM) to mold construction and final parts approval.

Our Program Management Services Include:


From Concept to Manufacturable Design

Forum’s Engineering team can take your concept and turn it into a manufacturable design including complete models and manufacturing drawings. We can perform a wide range of analysis including tolerances stacks, static and dynamic loading, and other needed Design for “X” practices.


SolidWorks - Our CAD Platform

SolidWorks is our CAD platform and we strive to provide the most comprehensive analysis of a product before we begin to fabricate the injection mold. This includes gate location selection, thickness analysis, warpage prediction and weld line identification among other items of moldability.


MoldFlow - Improving Our Molds

MoldFlow software is utilized to analyze the molding process and provide recommendations to the design to improve mold simplification and molded product robustness.


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