Surgical Device Components

Medical Injection Molding

Surgical Device Component Production

We understand that Surgical Device Components require high-precision, attention to detail, and strict adherence to documentation. Forum Plastics LLC continues to be our customers first choice in Surgical Device Injection Molding.  Our expertise in complex geometries, technically challenging injection molding, insert molding and over-molding has set us apart from other companies.  We continually excel with challenging and complex requests.


Producing Critical Devices

Forum Plastics will produce your critical devices used for operations, surgeries and other medical procedures.  These are primarily used for performing a specific procedure in the pursuit of solving an indication.  Forum Plastics can bring value with devices used in neurovascular, vascular, respiratory, urological and gynecological.

Leaders in the Surgical Device Industry


Creating complex products from concept to completion

Forum Plastics offers a wide variety of components for minimally invasive surgical applications.


  • Trocars
  • Inner and Outer Cannulas
  • Staplers



  • Staplers
  • Retractors
  • Vein Harvesters


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