Metal & Plastic Overmolding

Precision Injection Molding

Leaders in Custom Plastic Overmolding

Forum Plastics is a leader in custom plastic overmolding, a plastic injection molding process in which one thermoplastic material is molded over another material to form one part. Forum Plastics is also a leader in custom metal overmolding, a plastic injection molding process in which one thermoplastic material is molded over a metal part to form one part. In this case the metal part is the primary component of the combined component.

With Forum Plastics many years of custom plastic overmolding experience, in-house engineering, mold design and building, and focus on innovative solutions, Forum Plastics has produced overmolded plastic parts and components that reduce labor and assembly costs, while improving the quality, reliability and integrity of our valued customers’ end product.


Forum takes on the challenging overmolding applications

Overmolding Solutions

Forum takes on the challenging overmolding applications.  From overmolded medical devices to industrial applications, plastic overmolded components provide superior performance. By overmolding plastic onto or into metal, or plastic onto plastic we are able to create a more-consistent and higher-quality product with superior performance. In addition, it can eliminate complicated assembly and post-molding processes.

With our expertise, we are able provide design feedback for your challenging overmold applications. Our engineers will work with your team to offer solutions that optimize your design concept.

Overmolded products provide:

  • Consistent and accurate alignment
  • Improved structural integrity
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased design flexibility
  • Higher quality and superior performance

Our Experience - Your Advantage

Whether reengineering existing products or developing new products, carefully engineered custom overmolded plastic parts and components can eliminate the need for a variety of secondary operations such as sonic welding, bonding, gasketing and assembly, saving time and money.

From concept to delivery, learn more about how Forum Plastics provides a competitive advantage with custom overmolded plastics through early supplier involvement in the engineering and design process, design for manufacturability, project management, in-house mold building, and material selection support.


Forum Plastics Program Management

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