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Precision Plastic Gears

Precision Injection Molding


Forum Plastics has experienced engineers and technical staff to produce high quality plastic molded gears that accurately and repeatably meet even the most demanding specifications, Plastic gears are growing larger, more precise, more complex in geometry, and more powerful. High-performance resins and long-fiber compounds are aiding this evolution.


Focus on Tight Control

Tolerances needed for precision gears generally go well beyond those defined as “fine”.  Hear at Forum we are continually upgrading molding machines and equipment with the latest process controls providing the highest accuracy allowing us to hold mold temperature, injection pressure, and other variables within a tight window to allow us to mold high precision gears that meet and exceed your strict requirements.



Manufacturers of precision gears also need specialized measuring equipment to verify gear quality, such as double-flank roll checkers for quality control and computer-controlled inspection to evaluate gear teeth and other features.  Hear at Forum Plastics, we have the latest equipment to provide the highest quality results for your application.

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