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Pad Printing

HIghly Maintained Pad Printing Machines

Forum Plastics LLC offers single and multi-color pad printing services on its’ molded components. Our design team will create your graphic clichés and component fixtures to ensure proper orientation and location every time.

Our Printing Department is fully air conditioned and humidity controlled to maintain repetitive ink processing. The environment is immaculate with bright lighting, white walls and a fully epoxy coated floor to ensure our associates have the proper environment to print to the exacting product & cleanliness requirements.

Our equipment is maintained under a preventative maintenance program with all key processing parameters fully documented. With an eighteen machine, multi-shift printing operation, a knowledgeable and dedicated staff we print millions of complex graphics each year.

Kent Rotate parts

Complex Pad Printing Graphic Capabilities

Since a majority of our work is in the medical device arena, we do a lot more sophisticated printing than just logos. Graphics that inform a surgeon of the size or type of a device that is being used, the number of firing clips left for use in the device or a scale that indicates the depth of surgical insertion is a mainstay in our graphics operations.

Even in this area of our business, tolerances are tight and our workmanship standards are extremely high.