Pad Printing Capabilities

Pad Printing

Versatile, Proven Technology

Pad printing is a versatile, proven technology for imprinting the most challenging 3-D surfaces and materials. At Forum, we are able to precisely print your artwork just about anywhere you can imagine.  Compound curves, textures, and recessed areas are ideal for pad print technology and we have the experience to deliver to your needs.

imprinting the most challenging 3-D surfaces and materials

Pad Printing on Difficult or Irregular Surfaces

Forum has worked closely with leading medical device manufacturers, R&D and Design Engineers, during both prototype and production phases, to develop pad printing processes that meet their specific needs, Medical device pad printing on difficult or irregular surfaces is one of Forum’s specialties.


  • Millions of highly critical printing on plastic injection molded medical components annually
  • Complex surfaces and geometry, multi-color, multi-hit
  • 18 microprocessor-controlled work stations
  • Specialty inks, Pre-treatments, Post-treatments
  • Custom graphic clichés and component fixtures to ensure accurate orientation and location
  • From company logos to highly accurate graphics scales, instructions & indicators used in surgical devices

Creating complex products from concept to completion


  • Complex Geometries
  • Challenging Surfaces
  • Textured Surfaces
  • Printed Instructions



  • Company Branding
  • Location Guides
  • Multi-Color / Multi-Hit
  • Design Assistance


Pad Printing Examples

Services Overview: Pad Printing Capabilities

Pad printing on difficult and irregular surfaces is one of Forum Plastics’ specialties. With over 25 years of molding experience, Forum can precisely print your artwork on nearly any surface.

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