Set-Up Technician Training Program

November 30, 2020

As part of Forum Plastics’ commitment to employee training and world-class precision molding, we have developed a Set-Up Technician Training Program for emerging talent in a tech role. This comprehensive…

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Forum Plastics Expands Molding Capacity and Capabilities With 10 New Machines

November 13, 2020

  November 13, 2020 As part of our commitment to meet the most complex needs of our customers, Forum Plastics purchased and installed 10 new molding machines in 2020. Four…

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Micro Molding: The Swiss Watch of Injection Molding

November 6, 2020

Few products have lasted through the centuries that evoke the feeling of both quality and luxury. But one such item that conjures up an image of craftsmanship, quality, precision, and…

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Forum Plastics Tool Transfer Program Solves Quality Issues for Surgical Device Company

October 19, 2020

  October 19, 2020 Background A surgical device company was experiencing quality issues with a molded part produced by a competitive injection molder. The device company produces a trans-sulcal system…

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Forum Plastics Receives ISO Class 7 Certification for Cleanroom Assembly

October 14, 2020

Forum Plastics is pleased to announce that we have received the ISO Class 7 Certification for cleanroom assembly. With this certification, our industry-leading assembly services are performed in an ISO…

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Assembly Services: Moving Up the Value Chain

October 2, 2020

Have you ever attended a sporting tournament and considered all the logistics that needed to be coordinated to make that tournament happen? When planning a sports event, an event manager…

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Forum Plastics Uses CT Scanner To Aid Medical Device Company Maintain Supply Chain

September 21, 2020

  September 21, 2020 Background Within the medical device industry, many companies get their start by developing a single device or product line, and as this device becomes more and…

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Validation (IQ/OQ/PQ) Simplified

September 14, 2020

Acronyms are commonplace in everyday life. If someone mentions the DMV, IRS, or FBI, or a form asks you for your DOB or SSN, you know exactly what that person…

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4 Reasons Why OEMs Should Finance Tooling

September 2, 2020

If you’ve ever watched a home improvement or renovation reality show, you may notice that it’s the exception rather than the rule that the builds meet the budget. Here’s how…

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An Injection-Molding Company That Breaks Every Mold It Can

August 21, 2019

WRITTEN BY JOSH CARMODY A company largely composed of engineers is a company driven by curiosity. Forum Plastics began as a mold builder in Stamford, Connecticut in the early 90s.…

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