Molded Parts from 3D Printed Cavities

3D Printing and Prototyping

Molded Parts using 3D printed cavity

Get functional parts in 1 week

Forum Plastics has combined 3D printing technology with injection molding to fill a large gap in the development process.  Forum uses the 3D printing technology to create the mold insert to be place in our modular systems.  This approach provides invaluable options to the industry, from fast, functional parts for testing, to design concept approaches such as overmolding of catheter shafts.  Using this approach, may also allow you to have your prototype parts molded in the actual resin that the component was designed with, delivered in less time and at a lower cost than having to produce a metal tool.  Generally materials with lower melt temps work best for use in 3D printed cavities and in some cases will require parting line clean-up and/or post process polishing.

3D Printed Cavity


  • Current Maximum Size = 3.5” diameter but can be adapted to larger frames
  • 50 to 100 Shots
  • 2 Plate mold design, sub or edge gating
  • Parts run in production materials