Micro Injection Molding

Precision Injection Molding

Micro Molding Systems

Forum Plastics has a family of Micro Molding and Small Part Molding systems designed to support molded components as small as .005 in3 (.08 cm3) or less, in volume. Our tooling, manufacturing and quality support systems are fully integrated into the success of producing these small precise components to support your production needs.

Forum Plastics has been micro-molding parts for the medical industry for years, successfully suppling the small molded components that are commonly used in surgical and implant devices.


micro-molding solution

Due to the unique and specialized nature of the micro-molding process, we would typically need to engineer the specific micro-molding solution for your projects. The micro-molding of very small parts requires a different approach to tool design where very small molds and tools are required. In most applications, mold core pins, ejection systems and mold tool parts, can be just a few thousandths of an inch in diameter making them very fragile. Our engineers will work with you and your project to select the best solution for your needs.

Micro Injection Molding

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