Design for Manufacturing

Precision Injection Molding

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is the analysis of a part design for its suitability to being injection molded. At Forum Plastics, we use DFM to:

  • Ensure molded part quality
  • Select the correct tool type
  • Minimize investment cost
  • Identify locations for injection gates and parting lines
  • Analyze for good plastic part design practices

Forum performs a molding and/or manufacturing analysis on every tooling project that we receive for quotation. Upon receiving a quote request containing an appropriate 3D design file, part drawing, and material requirements, we perform an initial DFM analysis before providing a formal quotation. Once in alignment with the request, we provide you with a formal quotation for the tooling, validation, and item-level pricing.


Components Of A DFM

With nearly 30 years of mold tool design and manufacturing experience, Forum Plastics offers a comprehensive DFM approach. Our typical DFM covers:

  • Injection gate location(s) and type
  • Part geometry contained in A and B halves of the tool
  • Slides, cores, or special tool action
  • Call out all parting lines and witness lines
  • Ejection locations
  • Thin and thick sections of plastic that may cause sink marks, voids, or fill problems
  • Recommended draft
  • Surface finish
  • Tool class and runner type
  • Shot size to barrel capacity percentage
  • Mold flow analysis as required
DFM Example
DFM Example

A Consultative Approach

Our ultimate goal is to produce a part that meets your requirements. If modifications are needed to accommodate the fundamental requirements of good injection-molding practices, we can suggest improvements to the design or other actions that can be taken to successfully mold a high-quality component.